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  • rightmost — 1. adjective Furthest to the right. Start with the rightmost one and work towards the left. 2. noun That one of a selection that is furthest to the right. She tried the rightmost door first …   Wiktionary

  • rightmost — right·most (rītʹmōst ) adj. Farthest to the right: in the rightmost lane of the highway. * * * …   Universalium

  • rightmost — right ► ADJECTIVE 1) on, towards, or relating to the side of a human body or of a thing which is to the east when the person or thing is facing north. 2) morally good, justified, or acceptable. 3) factually correct. 4) most appropriate: the right …   English terms dictionary

  • rightmost — adjective see right II …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • rightmost — adj. located furthest to the right …   English contemporary dictionary

  • rightmost — right·most …   English syllables

  • rightmost — adj. furthest to the right …   Useful english dictionary

  • Divisibility rule — A divisibility rule is a shorthand way of discovering whether a given number is divisible by a fixed divisor without performing the division, usually by examining its digits. Although there are divisibility tests for numbers in any radix, and… …   Wikipedia

  • Context-free grammar — In formal language theory, a context free grammar (CFG) is a formal grammar in which every production rule is of the form V → w where V is a single nonterminal symbol, and w is a string of terminals and/or nonterminals (w can be empty). The… …   Wikipedia

  • Binary numeral system — Numeral systems by culture Hindu Arabic numerals Western Arabic (Hindu numerals) Eastern Arabic Indian family Tamil Burmese Khmer Lao Mongolian Thai East Asian numerals Chinese Japanese Suzhou Korean Vietnamese …   Wikipedia

  • Combinadic — In mathematics, a combinadic is an ordered integer partition, or composition. Combinadics provide a lexicographical index for combinations. Applications for combinadics include software testing, sampling, quality control, and the analysis of… …   Wikipedia

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